Our mission working with clubs is to complement them with their everyday training.

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In addition to our library of exercises, our platform also includes other features that can benefit soccer clubs. For example, we offer tools for creating and managing training programs, as well as resources for injury prevention and recovery. 

Another benefit of our platform is its flexibility. You can customize our exercises to fit your specific needs and goals, whether you’re working with a large team or just a few players. This makes our platform a great resource for both youth teams and professional clubs. You can use our platform to help your players develop their technical skills, physical fitness, and tactical understanding of the game.

In addition, we have a team that can assist clubs’ players anytime with question and cooperate with clubs daily on activities related to sessions and players promotion.

BallersApp - The perfect complement to any club

Soccer clubs of all levels and sizes can benefit from our Ballers App platform, which is designed to help players improve their skills and reach their full potential on the field.

With over 2500 exercises created by some of the most professional coaches from Sweden and around the world, our platform is the ultimate resource for clubs looking to take their training sessions to the next level.
Whether you’re a youth team just starting out or a professional club with years of experience, our platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you achieve your goals.

With exercises for every aspect of the game, from ball handling and passing to shooting and goalkeeping, our platform is the perfect complement to any team’s training sessions.

Ballers App - Clubs review
Ballers App - Clubs review
Ballers App - Clubs review
Ballers App - Clubs review

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