Football Training categories

Ballers App has diverse training categories designed to improve your football skills.
Whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics or a PRO player aiming to fine-tune your technique, we’ve got you covered.
Explore our comprehensive range of training categories tailored to train in various conditions  that will enhance every aspect of your game:

Technique, Dribbling & Passing

• This category is crafted to improve your passing, dribbling, and technique skills
• Training programs in this category are specifically made for players who have the need to work on the technical aspect of the game 
• Whether you are a beginner, semi-pro, or high-level professional, you will find exercises that suit your level of play

About the category:
• Contains 9 training programs with different training focus
• Ideal for players at all positions, even goalkeepers

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Train with Friend

• It’s always more fun to train with your teammate, right?
• Ballers App have created a category with all the exercises that you can do in pair 

About the program:
• Contains turns, dribbling skills, 1v1 situations, shooting drills, and ball mastery techniques that will make you faster with a ball
• Ideal for players at all positions who want to train with their teammate


• Attacker, Attacking Midfielders, Wingers, this program category is perfect for you as it has a lot of finishing exercises

• This category is focused on tiny details that create advantage in the game

• Click “View Category” if you play attacking positions and want to score more goals


Defence Programs

• Centre-backs, Full-backs, Defensive Midfielders, this program category is made for you so you can focus on your defensive skills and positioning

• Category “Defence” focuses on intercepting opponents’ passes, positioning, and building gameplay from the defensive line

Activation & Mobility

• This program category is based on warm-up and activation exercises that will prepare you for the main part of the training sessions and games

• In the category, you will find multiple training programs based on isolated exercises that are the foundation of preventing injuries and mobilising your body parts

• Ideal for all positions

Ballers App - Speed & Power Program for Youth Players

Fitness & Strength & Speed

• This category contains training programs to become faster, stronger and have power to deal with harsh duels in the game

• Be trained to improve your physical condition by one of the best Performance coaches in the world who works with Bayern Munich and Swedish National Team players

• Ideal for all positions 


For Goalkeepers

• This training category is only for goalkeepers and contains training programs specifically made to help goalkeepers with their performance

• Drills are based on helping goalkeepers with every aspect of the game such as saves, ball control, passing play and much more

• In this category, goalkeepers can work on their coordination, catching, reaction speed and specific in-game situational exercises


• Training category created for young players that are at the beginning of their football journey

• The category contains basic training programs focused on coordination and technique 

• Ideal for players at all positions

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